Short Stories

Occasionally people ask where they can find my short stories.   To that end, I’ve listed my short story publications in chronological order below, along with links to those which are available online.  I’ve been focusing mostly on novels in recent years, but I still manage to get one or two short stories out a year.  So far…

  1. Lost on the Road (Writers of the Future anthology XVIII))
  2. Coyotes are an Urban Animal (On Spec)
  3. Dragon Dust (On Spec)
  4. The Prophet (as Adam Ferguson in Dragons, Knights and Angels)
  5. Four Short Parables on the Theme of Travel (GUD)
  6. Private Detective Molly (Strange Horizons(pod cast at Escape Pod)
  7. the Annie Oakley Show (Fantasy Magazine)
  8.  Along Came a Fiddler (Les Bonnes Fees)
  9. Gods’ Country (Subtle Edens – an Elastic Press anthology)
  10.  Preface (Glossolalia)
  11.  Bird of Paradise (Talebones)
  12.  True Love’s Thief (Escape Clause)
  13.  Day Job (Escape Clause)
  14. My Best Friend’s Girl (Fantasy Magazine)
  15.  Origin (Strange Horizons) (podcast at Escape Pod)
  16.  The Closer (Daily SF)
  17.   Made of Mud (Shimmer Magazine)
  18. Everybody Gets Scared Sometimes (Daily SF)

3 responses to “Short Stories

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  3. I’ll send your URL to the convention committee for VCON; they need to know that we have a good writer hiding here in Vancouver!

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