“Origin” to be podcast on Escape Pod! + Pick your favorite Ari Goelman Story

My superhero short story, “Origin,” is going to be podcast on Escape Pod.   “Origin” was originally published on Strange Horizons in August, 2009.  Selling it to the Escape Pod podcast is very exciting for a few reasons:

  1. I found that my last story which Escape Pod pocast (Private Detective Molly) got a lot more readers / listeners than it did when it was just posted online.  This is judging by the quantity of comments which came up — I guess it could just be that people who read things online are less likely to post comments than people who listen to podcasts, but that seems pretty unlikely.
  2. I can’t wait to hear the voices they have for the superheroes in the story.
  3. It so happens, that one of the middle grade projects I’m working on is a series set in (more or less) the same super hero world, although the series is told from the viewpoint of a character who is some years away from being born when “Origin” takes place.  In fact, that series originated in part from my friend Gretchen saying <spoiler alert> that she didn’t really believe the reconciliation which takes place in the end of “Origin.”  So, it’s exciting to get the story out there again.

On an unrelated point – some Clarion West friends and I are going to put out a small e-anthology, with each of us contributing one story.  The idea is we’ll each contribute one of our own stories that has been printed somewhere else (to which we possess the reprint rights).  Then one of my more technologically handy peers will put them together in an e-anthology which will be sold online in the usual places.   It’s a kind of way of dipping our collective toes into the e-publishing world, without compromising our rights to sell any of our nascent novels in the more traditional publishing world.

The folks involved include:  Ben RosenbaumEm Tippets, Raymund Eich, and other folks who were at Clarion West with us in the summer of 2001.

So if you’ve read more than one of my stories, tell me what your favorite is.  I anticipate a raging debate that will soon spill off this blog onto main stream media websites and from there to the crucible of fame in America today.  By which, of course, I mean This American Life will do an episode about me.


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2 responses to ““Origin” to be podcast on Escape Pod! + Pick your favorite Ari Goelman Story

  1. Don Goelman

    “Origin” is terrific, but so are some of the other stories: “Detective Molly” and the poignant “My Best Friend’s Girl.” I think “My Best Friend’s Girl” is probably my favorite.

  2. Marcie Goelman

    “Made of Mud” is my favorite, perhaps because it is the freshest in my mind.

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