Podcast of “Origin”

A podcast of my story, “Origin” is up at escapepod.org.  It was actually posted last week, when I was still immersed in the line edit for The Path of Names, so I didn’t realize it until now.  (The way the editorial process has worked for me, the line edit is the kind of intermediate edit that happened after my editor had done her big picture edit, but before the copy edit process.  The copy edit process is just starting now, and will (I think) focus on typos and such.)  At some point I will post more on the editing process — it has been an enormous eye opener, completely changing my perspective on the phrase ‘final draft.’

Anyway, it is super fun to hear Veronica Giguere read my story.  She has an amazing way of projecting character when she reads the story — it’s especially impressive to hear the way she alters her voice for each character’s dialogue.


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2 responses to “Podcast of “Origin”

  1. It was a pleasure reading your work for EscapePod!

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