Cover Reveal — The Innocence Treatment


Bam!  There it is.  Cover revealed.

Here are some questions you might have for me.  Let’s imagine they’re asked by a hypothetical, slightly jerky, person.

HP:  Wow!  Who made that cover?

Ari:  Beth Clark.  The art director at MacMillan’s Children Publishing Group.  Awesome right?

HP:  Totally.  Hey, what’s with all the lines of typing in the background?  Who did those?

Ari:  Me!  I wrote them, I mean.  But Beth put them into the picture.

HP:  So she actually made it look cool?

Ari:  Well, yeah, but I’m the one who wrote them.  Also, I got to choose which quotes she would actually use, which was fun, too.

HP:  Whatever.  The words hardly matter.  They just make the picture look cool.

Ari:  Sure they matter.  They intrigue you, and they make you want to read the book, which is the purpose of the cover, right?

HP:  Maybe.  Maybe it’s not all about you and your book.

Ari:  Sure it is.  I mean that’s what a cover is all about!

HP:  You’re so conceited.

Awkward silence

HP:  So… you what are you working on these days?


Ari:  Well, this book, The Innocence Treatment, is almost done the editing process.  My editor (the amazing Kate Jacobs at Roaring Brook) and I got through line edits in September / October, and copy edits in November.  Now I think the publishing process is just kind of rolling forward towards the eventual release date which according to the MacMillan webpage (check it out here — you can already preorder!) is October, 2017.

 In  the meantime, I’m working on editing my latest manuscript.  I have a new agent (the wonderful Molly Ker Hawn at the Bent Agency), and she had a bunch of really thoughtful comments on my latest draft, so I’m  currently hard at work on revising that in order to get it ready for Molly to send out to publishers. 

Also, last week I kind of accidentally wrote a short story — the first one I’ve written in ages, so that was fun.   I’ll blog about that later (next week, even?) and post a snippet or two so you can see what it’s like.




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3 responses to “Cover Reveal — The Innocence Treatment

  1. Ari, am excited about this, cover and whats between. Will read and refer when I can. Good luck, Sheila Lewis JJP Book Clubs

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  2. suzyperelman

    Yyyaayyy!!!! Congrats!!!!


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