My latest giveaway is now live — right here.  I’m giving away two signed advance review copies of The Innocence Treatment!

This is the third month I’m doing this, and I want to invite you all to participate in a little experiment.

Two months ago, the first time I did a Goodreads giveaway, I blogged once, tweeted twice, and maybe wrote a FB post or two.  That month, the contest got about 900 entrants.  The next month, I did another giveaway.  But this time I did nothing to publicize it.  I neither tweeted, nor blogged — I didn’t even talk about it much.  That month, the contest got about 1800 entrants.  Twice as many!

So the question is — is this just natural variation?  Does it have to do with the publication date getting closer?  Or maybe the fact that, for the second competition, I opened it up to every country I could, including Azerbaijan, (which (I assume) is full of people who are super eager to get their hands on The Innocent Treatment)?  Does my social media presence matter at all?

Let’s answer this important question together.  I invite all of you to sign up here to win. Then share this blog post / FB post / tweet.  Together we’ll learn if it matters.  Or don’t — that will give me some useful data, too.  Pretty much whatever you do, scientific understanding will be advanced.

Also, here’s a picture of the sunset I saw at the beach the other night.  Vancouver is a little bit nice in the summer.  (What’s weird is how rarely you see people posting pictures of the 300 nights a year when it’s raining or cloudy…)

beach sunset

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