This is where blog posts will appear when I write them.

In the meantime, some trivia:  this is my third stab at a web page.   I made the first about seventeen years ago.  If I remember right, when I was done, I had posted exactly three paragraphs of text about myself.  (In my defense I note that, at the time, the Mosaic web browser was still cutting edge with its fancy, futuristic ability to actually display things that weren’t text.)  (In my further defense, I note that my three paragraphs were a really great three paragraphs.)

I made my second webpage about thirteen years ago, almost entirely to display a picture where I had photo-shopped an image of the youngest member of the boy band Hansen into a picture with me and my younger sister.


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3 responses to “This is where blog posts will appear when I write them.

  1. Keep posting, Ari! Particularly if you have further photoshop pictures of Hanson to share…

  2. fan

    repost the hanson picture! repost!

    – a fan (of goelman’s work and hanson)

  3. Sadly (given how much time I worked on the damn thing), the Hanson picture is long since lost.

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