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Events, Readings and Appearances (real life and online)


I read at the Vancouver launch of The Path of Names. (photo by John Goldsmith)

May 3 (online):  Elisabeth Dahl, author of Genie Wishes, interviews me for the Lucky 13 Blog.

May 8,  7 p.m.:  Vancouver Book Launch.  Hosted by KidsBooks in Vancouver at 3083 West Broadway.  (The above picture was taken at this event by John Goldsmith. You can find more pictures on John’s website, here.

May 15 (online):  I’m featured on the Society for Young Inklings blog.  There’s an interview with me, and a writing challenge I contributed.  (I adopted  the writing challenge from an exercise the author, Octavia Butler, gave to a workshop that I participated in when I was a young(er) inkling myself.

May 17 (online):  I’m featured on the Haunting of Orchid Forsythia website.  I answer questions like:  what’s the best part of writing?  what’s the scariest thing that ever happened to you at summer camp?

May 19 (online):  My editor, Cheryl Klein posts an interview with me on her blog here.

May 20 (online):  Tamera Wissinger, author of Gone Fishing, interviews me for the Smack Dab in the Middle Blog.

May 24 (online):  A guest post on the ‘I Like Books’ website.  Ari Goelman interviews Ari Goelman in the no-holds-barred interview event of the century.  Or at least of the midweek.  Find it here.

May 28, 7 p.m.:  A ‘Chat Up the Author’ event at Cafe V in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   This one is cosponsored by Camp Galil (my old summer camp).  Thanks to Galil’s Ilana Goldfus and my friend, Ross Berkowitz, for helping to pull this together.  More information here.

May 29, 7 p.m.:  An event at the Upper Merion Township Library in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania – this was my library growing up.  I’m really looking forward to returning there with my own book.

June 3:  Two minutes to sell my book at an event sponsored by the Jewish Book Council in New York City.  The event has been described as speed dating for books.  I think the idea is like the guy is a book and the girl is a Jewish book festival.  Or maybe they’re both girls, but one isn’t sure about leaping into another relationship and hey, isn’t there more to life than romantic relationships?  While the other one is super keen but trying not to push too fast.  Or maybe they’re both guys, but one has mixed feelings about the whole institution of marriage, while the other — okay, okay.  You get the point.

June 4, 6-8 p.m.:   New York City book launch, sponsored by my publisher, Arthur A. Levine (Scholastic.)  This will be at Books of Wonder at 18 w. 18th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues).   I am super excited to finally meet my editor, Cheryl Klein, in person.  Not to mention to see my New York people.

June 5, 2013, Early morning:  I do a reading at the New York City public school PS / IS 276.  Very excited for this — they’ve invited me to address their assembly of something like 150 kids.  (Thanks to my sister for arranging this!)

I’ll add details and new events as they become clear.  (There are a few events / interviews that are taking shape even now.  (I mean, depending on when you read this.  If you’ve discovered this file on a computer two hundred years in the future, as civilization lies in tatters around you, chances are there aren’t any additional interviews in the pipeline.))

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The Path of Names gets a starred review from Booklist!

The Path of Names Cover

Yesterday I heard from my editor that The Path of Names got a starred review from the magazine Booklist.  Hurray!  Then, this morning I woke up to find that The Path of Names got a very nice, very intelligent review in The Quill and Quire, which is sort of the Canadian publishing industry’s version of Booklist or Publisher’s Weekly.  Neither of these reviews are posted on the Internet yet, so you’ll have to take my word for them at this point.  I’ll post links when they are made public / free.   That said, somehow a snippet of The Quill and Quire review has already made it onto  The Path of Names’ Amazon.com page.  Read it here.  (Scroll down to the editorial reviews section.)


So what’s the big deal?   As I understand it (based on my exhaustive research (by which I mean a four minute Google search carried out via cell phone)), there are a handful of  periodicals that cater to various segments of the publishing industry.   Booklist, for instance, particularly caters to librarians, the idea being that they’ll read the starred review and be more likely to order a copy of The Path of Names for their library.  The idea is that though these periodicals don’t have the biggest circulations, their readers are influential – book buyers for bookstores, librarians, reviewers for newspapers and bigger magazines, etc.  (Most of this information is cribbed from this ten-year-old Slate piece, but what are the chances anything has changed in the publishing industry in the last ten years?)  

Okay.  So that’s why this is a big deal.  The other reason it’s nice is, well… Come on.  It’s nice when anybody likes a story of mine.

The reviews are also an exciting sign that the publication date is almost upon us.  After I read the review in Q & Q, it occurred to me that at this point, nineteen days before The Path of Names’ release, my novel has already been read by a few dozen people. By my calculations, this is almost exactly a few dozen more people than will ever read any of my academic publications.

Speaking of the imminent launch of The Path of Names, I will post soon about my book launch events (in Vancouver and New York City), plus some additional events I’m doing in Philadelphia and maybe even Bethesda (I’m going to Bethesda for a teaching conference but may fit in some book events before or after.)  This next post will include the beautiful flier that the good people at Scholastic Canada produced for my Vancouver event.

Nineteen days left until publication…

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